Philosophy Café

Held on first Sunday of every month from 2-4 pm at Open Art Gallery Café, 6 Nevill Road, Rottingdean, East Sussex. BN2 7HG

Entry free; pay for your own refreshments and join in with the discussion.

Topics for 2014:  

Jan 5 A Quiet Mind is all You Need.

Feb 2 Are all Human Beings Capable of Evil? 

Mar 2 Physics and Metaphysics: God Doesn’t Throw Dice. 

April 6 Is Positive Thinking Positive? 

May 4 What Influences our Behaviour? 

June1 Is the Universe Infinite? 

July 6 Is the World progressing Morally? 

August 3 Is Feminism Regressing? 

September 7 Do Animals have Rights? 

October 5 What is beauty? 

November 2 Why not talk about death? 

December 7 Where do the laws of nature reside? 

The afternoon begins with a brief introduction to the theme. Discussion then follows between groups of those attending. Past experience suggests that the discussion will be animated! Finally, there will then be an opportunity to share thoughts and conclusions with everyone present.

This is an opportunity to explore the subjects in a convivial setting including conversation, coffee and cake available from the café.

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